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With Williams finally launching their 2013 challenger today, a good fortnight after the rest of the teams, we finally have a full set of Formula 1 liveries. So: time to pass judgement.

2013 Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing wins! It’s not a drastic departure from last year’s paint job, but the promotion of Infiniti to title sponsor sees a relatively subtle but rather delightful purple hue enrobe the car. The way it catches the light is quite lovely. Yes, it’s a bit busy from some angles, but I think that gives it a certain brash charm.


As Sky F1′s 2012 v 2013 gallery rather nicely demonstrates, Sauber comfortably take the award for most changed livery. It’s a smart enough shade of grey, with a nice little pop of red and white. Not exciting, but… smart.

2013 Lotus

Red Bull Racing are amongst a group of teams next down the ‘bothered to change their livery’ pecking order. Lotus is another I rather like, though it appears that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the liberal splashes of red that have been added. But then, I’d argue that the black and gold livery from which it takes inspiration is less ‘classic’ and more plain ‘old’.

Ferrari have added more of a black swoop to the lower part of the car, which is quite neat. Caterham have gone for what looks like a slightly lighter green, which isn’t great, and a bit less yellow – and less yellow is always a mistake in my book. Marussia, meanwhile, have rather inconsequentially shuffled around the red and black on their car.

Spot the difference

Then we get to the ‘spot the difference’ cars: step forward Toro Rosso, Mercedes, Force India and Williams. Must try harder.

2013 McLaren

But special mention has to go to McLaren, for a staggeringly indistinguishable livery. You can see the spectators at the Jerez test there getting as close as they can, looking for any sign of change. They found nothing, and went home disappointed. Possibly.

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