Jake | Friday 12th March 2010 | Formula 1

BBC pundit and general loud-mouth Eddie Jordan has correctly predicted a number of things in the world of Formula 1. The return of Michael Schumacher this season, for one thing, a fact that is happily archived on the BBC website.

But Jordan isn’t always right. Like his confident assertion that Stefan GP would be on the grid in Bahrain. As you’ll have noticed, they’re not.

But the BBC news item that was once headlined ‘Stefan GP will make grid – Jordan’ (that’s a cached version of the page via a Google search) has become ‘New team Stefan GP have Formula 1 entry rejected’ (that’s the live version of that same page).

The BBC has a policy of updating stories rather than creating new ones, but that surely is a different story. Eddie Jordan’s wrongness has been wiped from the record.

The Murdoch empire would presumably be shocked and appalled at the BBC’s lack of editorial integrity. But, you know, I think I’ll get over it. It’s just curious.

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