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Formula 1 testing is well under way, two days having been completed in Valencia. There’s massive interest, which has led to a battle to produce the best live text coverage – because there’s no footage or live timing available – between the BBC, autosport.com, and James Allen‘s new Twitter aggregation website.

Usually the BBC live text is unbeatable, but it was Andrew Benson on duty today, and he’s just not as good as last season’s regular Caroline Cheese; autosport.com’s effort was probably better. Twitter is definitely the place to follow the action, but I’d rather use it as it is, so James Allen’s service is a little redundant, if neat.

His assessments of the two days of testing thus far are very helpful, however. The summary, of course, is that we don’t really know who’s genuinely fast at this point. If Friday practice sessions tell us little, then pre-season testing tells us even less.

So, before we get bogged down by too many reliable facts, I thought I’d put my money where my fingers are on the drivers’ championship.

First, and most vaguely, my gut feeling is that Lewis Hamilton will take it. It just feels like it should be his. There’s nothing more to it than that.

I really want it to be Felipe Massa though. My money was on him in 2008, and I maintain that he’s good enough to do it. To beat Fernando Alonso, even. He’s been top on the first two days of testing, but I take nothing from that. It would be a fantastic story if it happens though, after the horrendous accident last year. It would be great.

Logic however, at this stage, points me towards Sebastian Vettel. There’s the driver: he was absolutely on form at the end of last season, winning two of the final three races. There’s the car: the 2010 cars we’ve seen so far have all owed something to the 2009 Red Bull Racing, so Red Bull Racing should be most advanced along those lines. And there’s the engine: people are saying that the Renault unit is rather fuel efficient, which will be important with the refuelling ban.

Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher are the favourites at the moment though. I have no interest in either one of them taking the title. Please don’t let it be.

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