Jake | Wednesday 14th October 2009 | Formula 1

The FIA presidential election is a week on Friday, and I’m pleased that it’s as retarded as any other election. Take yesterday’s letter from Jean Todt to member clubs, trying to convince them to vote for him rather than Ari Vatanen.

It accuses Vatanen of being negative and employing personal attacks, and assures everyone:

“We will stick to our constructive and positive stance.”

But earlier, it contains the paragraph:

“We have tried to understand our opposition candidate’s suggestions for the FIA, but couldn’t find any detailed policy.”

Is that constructive and positive? Of course it’s not.

You’ve got to love the blatant hypocrisy that goes hand in hand with politics.

Who is going to win though? Both candidates have numerous public supporters, so I’ve no idea. And moreover, James Allen doesn’t know. And if James Allen doesn’t know, then NO-ONE knows.

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